Analytical Services

Analytical Services1

Microscopic Examinations

Analysis of bioaerosol spore trap (Zefon Air-O-Cell, Allergenco, Burkard, BioSIS, Cyclex-d, etc.), tape-lift, swab, mushroom / macrofungus, and bulk/miscellaneous samples. 24-hour or 48-hour Rush services available on non-culturable samples. Identification of non-fungal particles (pollen, insect parts, skin cells, fiberglass, etc.) available for spore-traps and quantitative tape samples, upon request.

Fungal Cultures

Analysis of culturable bioaerosol samples (Andersen, RCS, SAS, etc.). Also available, culturable analysis from miscellaneous material (surface swabs, carpet dust, bulk samples, water, etc.) for identification and quantification of fungi. Our standard analysis includes genus level ID. ID of Aspergillus, Penicillium, or all species available, on request.

Bacterial Cultures

Analysis of culturable air and surface samples for presence and identification of bacteria. Analysis for sewage contamination, (E. coli/coliforms) and Legionella also available.

Supplies and Pump Rentals2

We provide sampling media and supplies to clients at no charge when samples are returned to us for analysis! Spore-traps, swabs, agar media, dust cassettes, and many more sampling supplies available for your use!

See Downloads & Resources for complete list of analytical services
100% Free Sampling Supplies. Do not have a pump? Call us for a rental.

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