Training Services

Natural Link Mold Lab offers a wide range of training options to assist our clients. We provide one-on-one training, small group presentations, collaborative projects with clients and IAQ professionals, and on-site workshops for our client's employees and/or our client's customers.

In cooperation with other agencies, we also provide detailed courses in mold remediation and inspection. Call for details, locations, and dates of upcoming courses.

Our goal is to customize training sessions to suit individual needs, offering a variety of subjects of your choosing.

For IAQ Professionals

Developing a Sampling Strategy Health Effects of Mycotoxins Mold, Fungi and Our Environment

When confronted with a microbial contamination problem in the field it can be difficult to decide on the best sampling methods to achieve the best results.

In this series, we will cover:

  • When to sample
  • Sampling tips
  • Culture vs. non-culture
  • Pros and cons of spore traps and petri dishes
  • The value of comparison samples
  • Preliminary vs. Thorough
  • Results to expect from a laboratory
  • Target questions to ask in various situations to help choose the best method
  • Clearance samples
  • Interpretive guidelines

Often overlooked, or misunderstood, are the presence of mycotoxins in the fungi found in indoor samples. The mycotoxins present can often have a connection with the health conditions of building occupants. Understanding health effects can help you better assess your IAQ situation, and help explain potential risks to your clients.

  • Fungi and the mycotoxins they produce
  • Case studies
  • Exposure to airborne molds
  • Symptoms
  • Clinical illness including Sick Building Syndrome, NIFIES, mycotoxicoses vs. allergy, and opportunistic infections

Mold has always been present in our environment and yet, only now are we paying attention to it. Mold plays an important role in our environment that often gets left out in the current "mold-is- bad" mind set.

Answer the questions:

  • What are fungi?
  • What is mold?
  • What is a mushroom?

Learn about:

  • Role of molds and other fungi in our environment
  • Basic mold biology
  • Mold growth requirements
  • Molds in indoor environments
  • Diversity of fungi

For Microbiologists/Mycologists

Fundamentals of Mycology

A variety of individual training courses designed to introduce or expand on fungal biology and identification from introductory level to advanced species ID techniques.

  • Basic Fungal Biology
  • Fungal ID (genus level)
  • Fungal ID (species level)
  • Penicillium and/or Aspergillus ID (species level)
  • Spore Trap analysis
  • Mushroom ID
Pricing for training is based upon the location of the training, the number of people attending, and the length of the training. For a few participants we can visit your site and for larger groups arrangements can be made for an off site location. Please see our Consulting & Training Pricing Guide for more details.


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